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Art history of Korea

The most ancients paintings discoveries are in the south of North Korea in Goguryeo 's tombs ( also named Koguryo) which were built between 37 before C and 668.
Popular art
 Bhouddism took a great part in the creation of Korean art. Chinese culture also influenced Korean art a lot. Mural Paintings realized by the monks constitutes a beautiful testimony in the temples.
Choson's arts
Then, because of some political events, popular paintings appeared and were called« Minhwa ».

( Jeong Seon, Danwom, Hyewon and Kang sehwang are the most famous artist from this time).
Kang Sehwang


 So there were two types of paintings : Traditional painting which mixed the classic painting ( fine lines, bright colors) the academic painting and the bhouddist painting.

 The other type of painting is Popular painting ( the geometrisation of the forms and bright colors)

Calligraphy (butgeulsi) was indissociable from painting. It was an art realized by men of letters and it needed many trainings during many years.
Chusa's Calligraphy

 Finally, The mask was a very interesting plastic art because of the face's originality.
Korean mask

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